Can I roadtrip with Locopops and keep them frozen?

Yep, with some preparation, Locopops are great travelers! Our pops have been on many roadtrips – I just wish they could send us postcards!

To take Locopops on your trip, here’s what you‘ll need: a good cooler/ice chest, some newspaper or towels to take up any extra space in the cooler after you’d loaded it, and some dry ice (see below for dry ice details).

Pack the cooler first with the pops, then with the newspaper or towels you brought and finally, lay the dry ice on top (it’s a gas and filters the cold air down rather than up – see all the cool science-y things you’re learning – just part of the service here at Locopops!). Close the top and keep it closed for your trip! No Peeking! Every time you open it, you let warm air in, and warm air is not your friend in the battle against melting, so resist temptation and wait till you’ve arrived.

The 4*1*1 on dry ice:

  • It’s frozen carbon dioxide gas.
  • It’s available from many area Kroger and Harris Teeter stores, including the Kroger nearest our store. Check with your local store to ensure they carry it.
  • It’s sold by the bag and charged by the pound. Bags start off at 10 lbs but since it’s a frozen gas, it does evaporate over time, so older bags weigh less and cost less than the newer ones.
  • The amount of dry ice you’ll need depends on how long you are traveling and how large and full your cooler will be. The longer the trip, the more dry ice you’ll need. The larger and the more empty space in your cooler, the more dry ice you’ll need.
  • Dry ice will last 18-24 hours if you treat it right. If your trip is longer than that, you may need to get a bit more dry ice on the road.
  • Keep a window in your car slightly open to allow the carbon dioxide to escape as it evaporates. Remember, we breathe in oxygen. We breathe out carbon dioxide. So don’t breathe in dry ice vapors.
  • Do NOT:
    • handle dry ice with bare hands
    • put it in a beverage in lieu of regular ice
    • breathe it
    • let children handle dry ice


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