How do I suggest a flavor?

We’ve made over 300 different flavors over the years. If you’ve got a new idea you’d like us to try, tell us! Maybe it’s something you tried on vacation and you’d really like to have it again; maybe you dreamed Loco dreams one night and woke up with a great flavor idea. Regardless of how it came to you, we want to know. Click the “Suggest A Flavor” tab on our Contact page to send us a flavor suggestion! (Hey, before you fire off that form, if you’re trying to lobby for a former fave to revisit the menu, complete the poll [insert weblink] instead of the form.)


All day, every day! We love our frequent ‘flyers’, so make sure to get your stampy card and get to work on getting your reward! Forgot your card? No worries; just start another and merge them later. These never expire, so be sure to ask for stamps with each qualifying purchase!

Nitty Gritty Deets: 1 stamp per purchase of a big kid pop. 2 stamps per purchase of half-pint. 6 stamps per purchase of a tee. Sorry, no stamps for baby pops. Full cards redeemable for 1 pop. Two full cards = Half Pint. 6 full cards = Tee

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