Some of our products do contain nuts and typically, the type of nut is included in the flavor name. Although our molds are thoroughly washed and sterilized between each use, we do not have segregated, nut-free equipment. There may be a trace amount of nut/nut oil in our products. Consumption should be dictated by the severity of the individual’s allergies.


Yep, all of our dairy-based pops have dairy in them. However, half of our menu contains no dairy, so choices abound!


Many of our flavors are gluten-free. Check our menu for individual flavor details.


Some of our dairy pops contain eggs and some do not. Check our menu for individual flavor details.


Nope, when we made Chocolate Bacon pops, we had to give up our dreams of kosher-certification. Also, chicken and/or beef stock are used in making our Pup Pops.


We use real cane sugar to sweeten the majority of our products, though for flavor purposes, we may also sweeten with molasses, honey or maple syrup. We do offer, in season, a No Sugar Added pop each month. These are not sugar-free, as they do contain natural fruit sugars and are sweetened lightly with Stevia.

Nutritional/Caloric info:

Please see our menu for nutritional and caloric info on most of our flavors. This info has been generated using an online web tool and has not been verified by any lab, so please use this data as a guideline, not as gospel.



Join us for a free storytime every Tuesday from 10:30-11am at the Locopops Dessert Cafe in Durham.  Storytime begins May 21, 2019 and continues weekly. All are welcome! Follow the title link for details.

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