Add a little Loco to your fundraiser!


Wanna add Locopops to your next fundraiser? Good idea! Here’s how it works:

  • Order your pops in advance (please allow one week’s notice)
  • Pickup at our Durham store
  • Sell pops at your fundraiser and keep the profits!

Boxes of pops for your fundraiser are available in Big Kid size only (3 oz); each box contains 28 pops of the same flavor.

Price/box $42.00
Unit Price $1.50
MSRP* $3.00

*We suggest selling in whole dollars to avoid the need for having coins for change.

Additional Services/Fees:

Dry Ice: We’re happy to provide you with dry ice, should your order require it to prevent melting. We’ll help you determine if you need dry ice, and if so, how much, based on your event details. With prior arrangement, we can also provide you with dry ice at a cost of $5/block.

Cooler(s): We use Igloo™ coolers for transport and are happy to loan them to you for use at your event at no additional cost. We require cooler return within 48 hours of receipt to ensure that we have sufficient equipment to serve other customers. Returns past this deadline may incur additional charges.

     Please note: We don’t rent out or loan out our ice cream carts due to liability concerns. Best Rent-All of Durham does rent out ice cream carts, should you wish. If Cart or Bus service is your preference, please refer to our events brochure for more details.

Payment terms: Payment is required prior to or at delivery unless prior arrangement for terms has been made.

Returns policy: We will gladly accept returned boxes, provided they are unopened and undamaged and will refund you for unused product.

Sales Tax policy: Since fundraiser purchases are intended for resale, you will be responsible for collecting and remitting sales tax to the NC Department of Revenue for the county in which you sell. Please inquire as to the current tax rate for your venue.



All day, every day! We love our frequent ‘flyers’, so make sure to get your stampy card and get to work on getting your reward! Forgot your card? No worries; just start another and merge them later. These never expire, so be sure to ask for stamps with each qualifying purchase!

Nitty Gritty Deets: 1 stamp per purchase of a big kid pop. 2 stamps per purchase of half-pint. 6 stamps per purchase of a tee. Sorry, no stamps for baby pops. Full cards redeemable for 1 pop. Two full cards = Half Pint. 6 full cards = Tee

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